Our History

Jaap de Smit

Café in de Smitse was established in Delft on April 26th in 1988. At that time, the bar was affiliated with the BA and IBA faculty RSM. The Smitse was named after Jaap de Smit, who worked at the University of Delft and was a must-seen and popular guest. The faculty, however, moved back to the Erasmus University Rotterdam, so Café In de Smitse came along.

Let’s go back to 1996/1997: Back then, the Smitse was nothing more than a tiny ‘bar’, in the office buildings F/G, hosted by young and ambitious students. The Smitse wasn’t contracted to any supplier, so the beer came from own-bought crates and less than 50 liters of beer was drunk on a weekly basis.
Clearly, it was time for a change! The Smitse board from that time, referred to as the Smitse’s founding fathers, made a bet with the foundation’s small savings and moved to a better and bigger location, at the ground floor of the T-building (Mandeville). Together with it’s supplier, AB Inbev, the Smitse was able to gain popularity on campus! Many (ex-)students still remember the Smitse from the old location.
The Smitse has been at the T-building’s ground floor for a long time, and expanded near exponentially! Both popularity and beer consumption were on an insane rise as each board each contributed their own share of what they thought would be best for the guests, her volunteers, her stakeholders and most importantly, the beers!
The Smitse had evolved into a well-known and well-used social center on campus, in which study associations, students, professors and other people involved on campus could enjoy a cold beverage, have a good time and relax from a hard day’s work, an ambition that is still the Smitse’s main goal today!
In 2013/2014, the first plans were made to go to an even bigger location, since capacity was going to be an issue, considering the amount of beer consumed! After years of hard work and endless dedication, the Smitse was able to move to its current location in the Hatta-building, a fine and well crafted campusbar which resembles all the needs to be a modern, yet classic-styled place for every student that is in need for a social getaway.
The Smitse has been and always will be a campusbar made by and made for students. The former, current and future Smitse boards and her volunteers will always try and improve this beautiful concept of being the best campusbar in The Netherlands and maybe even.. the world!

Cafe in de Smitse 50 Burgemeester Oudlaan, Rotterdam, ZH, 3062 PA, Netherlands

Hours Mon 16:00-23:00 Tue 16:00-23:00 Wed 16:00-23:00 Thu 16:00-23:00 Fri 16:00-23:00 Sat Closed Sun Closed

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