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Let me introduce to you the 15th Board of Café In de Smitse!

In the span of an entire academic year, these five individuals commit a significant portion of their time to the comprehensive management of Café in de Smitse. Their primary objective is to furnish students with a well-earned and delightful reprieve through the provision of beverages following a day replete with lectures. Anchored in the ethos of ‘For students, by students,’ their voluntary commitment is the cornerstone enabling Café In de Smitse to present libations at notably budget-friendly prices within the campus confines. Their overarching aspiration is to exert a positive influence on student life by fostering an inclusive and inviting ambiance, offering a communal space for both students and educators to convene post-classes.

In the forthcoming insights, each of the five dedicated board members will provide a glimpse into the specifics of their day-to-day responsibilities. Take a closer examination of the inner workings and nuances that define a board year at Café in the Smitse. Discover the unique facets and intricacies that each board member contributes, shedding light on the diverse functions that collectively shape the operational landscape of the establishment. 

Praeses Binda

Austin Binda - President

In the esteemed role of Smitse’s President, you embody the qualities of an entrepreneurial team player. For those who frequent our cherished bar with a penchant for beer, it might not be readily apparent that a significant portion of the crucial tasks ensuring the seamless operation of the business transpires discreetly behind the scenes.

As the President of the Smitse board, I bear the paramount responsibility for the actions of our business and the decisions made by the board. Consequently, I serve as the primary point of contact for both our valued suppliers and, naturally, the esteemed Erasmus University Rotterdam.

On a daily basis, my responsibilities revolve around crafting meticulous meeting agendas, facilitating the seamless and harmonious operation of the board, and cultivating robust relationships with our diverse stakeholders. Moreover, I actively endeavor to serve as the cohesive force that binds our exceptional board together, an objective that invariably aligns with our collective mission.

At present, Café in de Smitse finds itself amidst a phase of nearly exponential growth, steadily amassing greater influence within the university’s plaza. In my dual capacity as both the President and a dedicated board member, my responsibility lies in safeguarding the flourishing trajectory of this remarkable student-centric establishment. The task at hand is to ensure that this vibrant bar, conceived by and for students, not only sustains but thrives in its journey.

Should you harbor any inquiries about my role or seek more comprehensive insights into my responsibilities, please feel free to approach me at the bar. I look forward to engaging in conversation and exchanging thoughts with you over a nice cold beer soon at Café in de Smitse!

E-mail address:
Call: +31 6 57704632

Isabel Overbeek - Secretary

As the secretary of the Smitse, I am in charge of our 3000L tanks of the finest Hertog Jan beer. I make sure we never run out, because if we reach the bottom of the tanks, I get removed from the board. On a busy day, we can sell over 500L! At least 3 times a week I speak with AB InBev, one of the biggest breweries in the world, to order all the delicious beers, soft drinks and wines we have at de Smitse.
I’m the one who is in charge of the variety of beers we have. Often, my job is to meet with new breweries and their accountmanagers, and taste the kind of beers they have to offer. Not the worst job in the world, right? I keep track of the sales, and try to market every beer as well as possible.
The maintenance of the bar taps and supplies also fall under my responsibilities, as well as making sure the website is up to date. Furthermore, all the drinks-requests end up in my mailbox, and I make sure I plan everything accordingly. The invoices afterwards are also made and sent by me.
That’s the best part of being the secretary; I am involved in all of the activities and projects in the Smitse, and I work closely with every one of my fellow board members.
So, would you like to organize a drink at the Smitse? Then I’m the one you need!
See you at the bar!

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Princess Pint
Enrice Amice

Enriko Bojanovic - Treasurer

As the treasurer of in de Smitse, you are in charge of the financial part of the organization. One of the first things you do as the treasurer, is making the budget for the upcoming year. This budget has to be in line with the long-term strategic policy of the organization and you have to make sure that the money is well divided between the serious matters and the fun things. During the year, you adjust the budget to new expectations of costs and revenues in order to make the right decisions for all projects.
In the end, it is my goal to make sure that every euro spent delivers the intended benefit to the organization as a whole. This requires me to have a lot of contact with all the different committees and, of course, my board in order to get the most up-to-date information. Moreover, I take care of the financial administration and make sure that it is done according to legislation. I am also responsible for timely payment of invoices and debtors and I sign for every outgoing penny. I also identify possible risks and decide how to handle them.

As the treasurer, I have affinity with financial figures and I am able to keep a good overview of everything that’s going on in the Smitse. I can make strategic decisions and have to be able to stand my ground when needed. I have to be able to say “no” to my fellow board members and to the committees, because otherwise they’ll spend all of the money! The Commissioner Internal Relations constantly wants to organize fun activities for the volunteers, the secretary buys enormous amounts of glazes and the Commissioner of External Relations comes up with about a 100 different marketing ideas that all cost some money.

If you would like to know some more about my function or have any questions, don’t hesitate to stop by sometime and ask me about it, I’d be happy to tell you some more!

E-mail address:

Elina Begemann - External Relations/Vice President

The commissioner of external relations is responsible for bringing in partnerships and maintaining contacts and contracts that are related to this. Think of study associations, student associations and other organizations that are on campus. Maintaining the relations between our external partners, such as Coca Cola, Red Bull, Sonnema and local breweries, is also the job of the commissioner of external relations.

The commissioner of external relations is also responsible for the name recognition of In the Smitse, and all promotion and branding involved in this. You manage all social media channels, guide the marketing committee and are responsible for the marketing of parties and events In de Smitse.

In addition, together with someone from Star, JFR and B&R Beurs, you organize the Open EUR Festival on campus. Open EUR takes place at the end of each academic year and is visited by over 2,000 people.

Have any questions? Feel free to send me an email or meet me in our bar!

E-mail address:

Miss. Marketing
The Bourgondiër

Okke Messemaeckers van de Graaff - Internal Relations

Café In de Smitse is more than what you are used to in a normal bar. It is a place on campus to offer students a place to relax and step away from the stress of studying. 

As Internal Relations Commissioner, I am immensely proud to contribute my part to this bar. This part means that as Human Resource Manager, I am busy putting together the team of volunteers and for this team, bringing the fun here every day! This means that I also make sure that regular trips are organised for the team (of course with help from the events committee). 

If you are interested in finding out more about my job as commissioner, feel free to come into the pub and have a chat. I’ll be happy to tell you more about my job and how I carry it out every week with love and joy!

E-mail address:

Cafe in de Smitse 50 Burgemeester Oudlaan, Rotterdam, ZH, 3062 PA, Netherlands

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