Let me introduce to you the 9th board of Café In de Smitse!

These five individuals dedicate most of their time for a period of one academic year to running the bar. Their goal is to provide students with those well deserved and delicious beers after a long day of lectures. Their motto is 'For students, by students' and it is due to their voluntary dedication that we as Café In de Smitse are able to serve our drinks for such low prices on campus. They hope that they can make a nice contribution to student life, by creating an open and welcoming atmosphere for students and teachers to meet up after class. 

Below each of the five board members will tell you something about themselves. Take a look at the ins and outs of a boardyear at Café in the Smitse, and find out what each of the different functions hold.


Pim Montfrooij - Chairman

As Smitse's chairman, you're an entrepreneurial team player! If you're an beer-loving visitor of our great bar, you will probably not see every important aspect that keeps the business running! A lot of this happens in the background.

The chairman of the Smitse board is ultimately responsible for the business' actions and the boards' decisions. This results into me being the main contact to our supplier and ofcourse, the university!

My day-to-day activities consists of setting up the agenda for meetings, making sure the board can operate freely and with minimal friction, and maintaining a good relation with our stakeholders. In addition, I try to be the glue that keeps my awesome board together, although that tends to be our mutual mission!

Café in de Smitse is currently experiencing near exponential growth and is gaining more impact on the university's plaza! As both chairman and boardmember it's your task to make sure this beautiful bar, made by and made for students, thrives even more!

If you have any questions about what I do or if you would like some more detailed information, do not hesitate to ask me at the bar! See you soon at Café in de Smitse!

E-mail address: voorzitter@indesmitse.nl


Josje Diepeveen - Secretary

Would you like to organize a drink? Then I’m the one you need!

I’m Josje, secretary of the 9th board. All drinks-requests end up in my mailbox and I try to plan everything accordingly as well as possible. The invoice that gets send afterwards also comes from my address. Sometimes I even dream about consumption coins and Bitterballen...

At least thrice a week I speak with AB InBev to order all the delicious beers, soft drinks and wine we have at de Smitse. And, not unimportant, arranging that the 3000L tanks of the most delicious Hertog Jan stay filled. That is a challenge sometimes, when in one day 500 liter is tapped and the truck can come only days after you order. When we run out of Hertog Jan beer, I get lifted from my function in the board. But don’t worry, I’ll manage.

When do we meet in de Smitse? See you at the bar!

E-mail address: secretaris@indesmitse.nl


Luc stander- treasurer

As the treasurer of In de Smitse, I am in charge of the financial part of the foundation. I started the academic year by making the budget for the forthcoming 12 months. This budget had to be in line with the long-term strategic policy of the organization. During the year, I adjust this budget to new expectations of costs and revenues in order to make the right decisions for all projects.

In the end, it is my goal to make sure that every euro spent delivers the intended benefit to the organization as a whole. This requires me to have a lot of contact with all the different committees and, of course, my board in order to get the most up-to-date information.

Moreover, I take care of the financial administration and make sure that it is done according to legislation. I am also responsible for timely payment of invoices and debtors and I sign for every single outgoing penny.

As the treasurer, I have affinity with financial figures and I am able to keep a good overview of the Smitse. I can make strategic decisions and have to stand my ground when needed. This means I have to be able to say “no” to my fellow board and committee members. If you don’t pay close attention to your board, they will spend all of the money. The intern constantly wants to organize activities for the volunteers, the secretary buys an enormous amount of glazes and the extern comes up with 100 marketing ideas. I also identify and manage risks when they appear.

For me, the most fun part of being the treasurer is that I am involved in all projects of the Smitse. It is my job to support the board and the committees with the financial part of their events and projects, and I am therefore always up-to-date with the upcoming plans.

E-mail address: penningmeester@indesmitse.nl



Rens Belder - Internal relations

Café In de Smitse is more than just your average bar. It’s a special place on campus which makes it possible for students to relax and forget about their studies for a little while.

As commissioner of internal relations, I’m extremely proud to contribute to that. My function briefly means that I’m the Human Resource Manager of the company. Basically, my tasks are making sure that the bartenders are ready to open the bar and serve the students. Besides that, I also organize great events as well as trips for the bartenders (of course with great help of my committees).

If you’re interested in knowing what my role as commissioner entails, just come and stop by. I’ll be more than happy to tell you about my role.

E-mail address: intern@indesmitse.nl


Patrick de Winter - external relations

The commissioner of external relations is responsible for bringing in drinks and maintaining contacts that are related to this. Think of study associations, student associations and other organizations that are on campus. External parties are also important, such as Coca Cola and Red Bull.

The commissioner of external relations is also responsible for the name recognition of In the Smitse. You manage all social media channels, guide a marketing committee and are responsible for the marketing of parties and events In de Smitse. In addition, together with someone from Star and JFR, you organize the Open EUR Festival on campus.

E-mail address: extern@indesmitse.nl