Organize a drink at Café In de Smitse!

At Café In de Smitse it is possible to organize your own drink. Whether this drink is meant for just you and your friends or for a large scale event, we make sure that we cater to your needs. By filling in this form we will be informed of your wishes to organize a drink. After this we will contact you to discuss the possibilities and go more into detail about the drink.

Name *
Date *
Possible from 16:00 (for times that fall outside the opening ours first send an email to ... in order check if possible).
Possible untill 23:00.
Smitse tokens can be borrowed to exchange them for drinks. This way the number of drinks can be controlled. You only pay for the exchanged tokens, so left over tokens can be returned at the bar.
The amount of tokens you would like to use, if so.
You can choose to use a limited drink menu, which will be beer, soda and wine. The average price will be around €1,50. Premium drinks will be all the drinks we have on tap and bottle.

Thank you for your drink request. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible!